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    Badinage  By Eugene Bozza. For trumpet, piano. Published by Leduc.
      Ballade  By Eugene Bozza. Arranged by Arthur Ephross. For Clarinet. Level: Grade 5. Published by Southern Music Company.
      Ballade  By Eugene Bozza. For Bass clarinet. Approved contest/festival piece for the University Interscholastic League. Level: Grade 3. Published by Southern Music Company.
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      Ballade  By Eugene Bozza. For trombone, piano. Published by Leduc.
      Berceuse  By Eugene Bozza. Published by Leduc.
      Bis  By Eugene Bozza. Full Score - Mini. Published by Leduc.
      Bucolique  By Eugene Bozza. For Clarinet, Piano. Published by Leduc.
      Burlesque  By Eugene Bozza. For bassoon, piano. Published by Leduc.